Sepideh Ahadi

Urbanstr. 71
Berlin, Germany

Sepideh Ahadi has a clear aesthetic goal: simplicity. But she is multi-layered with her craftsmanship techniques from her homeland, Iran. That, she combines with Berlin pragmatism where she works and lives and Italian elegance, where she graduated in fashion. The result is equally minimalist and innovative. She does not think in terms of seasons but believes in “slow fashion” in the truest sense.
As a designer, Sepideh feels the responsibility to invite her audience to think about clothes in a different and more interactive way through her designs.
For the designer creativity is not just in the final designs but in the entire process and how she finds alternative ways to present her ideas. Besides running her brand, Sepideh works as a “sustainable fashion advocate” with the “Fashion Revolution Iran” and she is actively envolved in promoting the theories and practices of sustainable fashion in Germany and Iran.