YVY GmbH   
Yvonne Reichmuth             
Militärstrasse 83a
8004 Zurich

YVY was founded in 2013 by designer Yvonne Reichmuth in Zurich. She began developing seasonal-independent designs where traditional craftsmanship transforms into luxurious pieces. All designs are handmade from the finest Italian leather and prove how seductive sustainability can be. Blurring the lines between accessories and clothing, the pieces range from harnesses, to dresses and bags making them desired among many celebrities.

Timeless tranquility, spare elegance, beauty in nature. YVY’s collection, SHIBUI, encapsulates this Japanese aesthetic as it transforms into sophisticated leather accessories. Inspired by Tadao Ando’s angular and bold, yet minimalistic architectural designs, this collection follows his path of inner complexity, outer simplicity and preservation of open space. Handcrafted with a mixture of the highest quality Italian leathers, Swiss tulle and carefully selected fabrics, SHIBUI introduces exclusive designs that celebrate a balance between tradition and modernity. It’s color palette, in addition to our signature of black, is composed of soft, natural hues for a strong sense of femininity.