Lida Noba

Lida Noba GmbH                                               
Lida Nobakht
Mythenstrasse 1
8802 Kilchberg

Iranian designer Lida Nobakht was born and raised in a family in which arts and literature were valued most. 

With her label Lida Noba, the designer aims to capture a delicate, soft feminine touch in all her creations. Her homeland Iran is her greatest inspiration. 
"This is where I come from and my true identity lies there. This is a land where sources for creativity and inspiration are endless. The color of textiles, the local architecture, our culture and poetry, and cities like Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz or Kashan. I would always like Lida Noba to represent my culture in some way that it is easily understood worldwide."

For Spring Summer 18, Lida was influenced by contemporary Persian calligraphy, one of the most revered arts throughout the history of Iran. She collaborated with well-known Iranian calligrapher Babak Rashvand for this season's prints.