Jana Wieland

Jana Wieland
Liechtensteinstraße 91/1
1090 Vienna Austria

Jana Wieland specializes in fresh and effortless women's clothing. 
The Viennese label creates a wardrobe that is contemporary and time-transcending, both due to its simplicity and quality make. The pattern making results in bold and young silhouettes which at the same time gently envelops the female body in elegance and buoyancy. 
The campaigns feature the designer herself, in autobiographical naturalness. 
The pieces tend to be made from unpretentious and pleasant fabrics such as cotton twill and shirting, silk, wool, cupro and viscose. Synthetic blends are used purposively, to increase the garment’s utility and ease of care. There are two collections each year, offering an easy wardrobe for highly diverse occasions. The label’s ethical intention is to let people discover that it is possible to wear great clothes that are also made in a sustainable way, while supporting the local economy and trying to combat the effects of fast fashion.

Every collection is a dig into the designer’s subconscious and memorabilia, filtering out her current emotional state of aesthetics.
The latest collection AW 2019 rummages in the picturesque world of Virginia Woolf’s Orlando and bundles eras and youthful surreal dreams into a thick and narrow image. Oversize and cheeky disproportion are recurring features of Jana Wieland’s collections. Simplicity and extravagancy are kept in balance.