Collective Swallow

Collective Swallow
Giang Vo
Hammerstraße 44
4058 Basel Switzerland

Collective Swallow is a Swiss fashion collective dedicated to gastronomic fashion, taking edibles a step forward by basing their designs on the visual and sensory experience of food. While turning their collections into exquisite, ingenious mixes of materials and volumes according to cooking recipes is conceptual, the final outcome is a set of aesthetically sharp and functional garments. Collective Swallow is Anais Marti and Ugo Pecoraio, operating from Basel and Berlin, with the unifying belief that fashion should not be ruled by gender or seasons.

The third collection, ‘Slice Me Nice’ is all about pizza, the Italian classic that was long ago transformed into a multicultural fusion of an all around favorite dish. Collective Swallow distinguishes the visual and structural features of this Italian superfood and translates it into clothing. As a crisp foundation, the perfect crunchy yet moist dough creates the base of a solid pizza. Then a choice needs to be made; the decision of toppings of which there are limitless possibilities. Visually, it’s a patchwork optic; a mix of colors and structures, an inspiring feast for the eyes and a treat for the appetite. Pizza embodies the unagitated simplicity of a take out meal as well as a the romantic indulgence of a holiday memory. 

Slice Me Nice contains a wide range of offerings; from couture evening wear to casual clothing and accessories. All products are carefully constructed out of luxurious high quality materials and manufactured in the EU / Switzerland. Bags are designed in collaboration with Ulla Ludwig (Paris) and sunglasses in collaboration with Stefan Staub (Bern).