Astrid Deigner

Astrid Deigner
Margaretenstraße 59/1/28
1050 Vienna Austria

Astrid Deigner founded her brand in Vienna in 2016 and started to work around a playful line of sweaters called 'Faces', based on the wellknown 'Smiley' or 'Happy face'.
Rooted in the history of popular culture worldwide since the late 1980ies, the 'Smiley' is used nowadays as emoticons to express emotions in written communication by the internet generation. 

For Fall Winter 18/19, the line FACES concentrates on the idea of Lego bricks.
While the 'Faces' sweaters are the backbone of the line, the product range has been extended by a variety of modules like hoodies, dresses, pants, skirts and turtleneck jersey tops as well as by new surprising add-ons. 
Tuxedo details like side stripes and midi-pencil skirts give a hint towards more classic and elegant codes of dressing. The bright color range and the use of color blocking brings some jolts of joy and optimism into the collection and underlines the concept of playful clothing.